Beilink, Business foreign Affairs, is a private international consultancy and strategic investment firm established in 2008 by Dr. Yossi Beilin.

Beilink's unique added value is the distinctive ability to provide our clients with comprehensive tools for understanding and shaping their business and political surroundings. Beilink's clients benefit from the extensive network established by Yossi Beilin and the Beilink team with current and former Head of States, Foreign Ministers and diplomats, as well as with other key international figures and business leaders around the world.
Beilink maintains close business relations with similar consultancies headed by prominent worldwide figures such as Secretary Madeleine Albright, Mr. James Wolfensohn, Mr. Joschka Fischer, Mr. Igor Ivanov, and others. This allows Beilink's clients to enjoy having a unique access to practically anywhere worldwide.

Beilink has the capability to understand the complex and enigmatic international business arena where business, government, politics and media interact. This allows us to serve our clients in overcoming challenges, creating new links and building long lasting business relations.

Strategic Investments
Beilink recognizes Israel's innovative, state of the art, technologies and their abilities to not only promote successful businesses globally, but also to advance solutions that would cope with the most difficult challenges the world faces today. For these reasons, Beilink is involved in various strategic equity investments in areas such as homeland security, water related projects, agriculture food security, medical & pharmaceutical and renewable energy.